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What is Groutmaster? it is the premier tile & grout cleaner that rarely needs prescrubbing. Mix 2-3 scoops, 4-6 oz in a gallon hot water. Spray it down, wait 5-10 mins and run your spinner over it. Cuts greasy filthy grout like nothing else and doesn’t harm stainless steel appliances, transitions and cabinets. (Still wipe down any overspray of course)

And it’s an incredible carpet cleaning booster. Just add 1-2 scoops to your current prespray inline sprayer mix and watch it work magic on rat nasties.GroutMaster will blow your mind as it blows thru thick greasy grout lines leaving them clean and bright. Our special blend of chemicals works great in residential and commercial locations to safely remove dirt and grime from virtually any tile surface. Oh and by the way, its an awesome prespray booster for rat nasty and polyesters. Just add 1 or 2 scoops to your existing prespray mix and watch the magic happen.



4 reviews for Groutmaster

  1. Jason W.

    I have to say this is far The best product I have found for cleaning tile natural stone and also soil carpet you don’t have to worry about if it gets on something it’s going to damage it the stress is taken away by that it is a safe not harsh like most tile cleaners which contain acid thanks again Jason @ kona carpet tile

  2. Adam V.

    Everything went smooth and receive my chemicals in a short period of time

  3. Carl E.

    This is the first time I have tried this product and it seems to work really well. My only complaint is for the price you should at least supply a plastic scoop inside jug so then the customers can follow directions on the mix of products.

  4. Rorbert S.

    I have experimented with just about every top Grout cleaner out there. I only use the best products for my clients. One thing I do not like doing is cleaning tile an grout, and during the drying process, only to decide lets spray, and hit it one more time… WITH GROUT MASTER, ITS ALWAYS A ONE HIT AND DONE… TIME IS MONEY! GROUT MASTER IS MONEY!

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