USOR Unchained Sweet Breeze

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Here is the hottest new peroxide on the market. Designed exclusively by Truck Mount Forums with no fillers, unnecessary additives and not all watered down. If you like USR then you will LOVE USOR Unchained Original or Sweet Breeze. It has incredible boosting power for Biopro 10k, Black Label and any TMF presprays to help get rid of organic stains and odors while brightening carpets naturally. Say goodbye to inferior USR’s and say hello to the best on the planet at an unbelievable low price!


  • PH 6.0
  • Always test for colorfastness
  • Urine odor & stain remover
  • Not recommended for wool
  • Wash hands after contact w/skin
  • Safe for stain resistant carpet
  • Super Concentrated & Pure
  • Mist on stains after removing to prevent wicking
  • Always shake well when using as a booster for presprays



4 reviews for USOR Unchained Sweet Breeze

  1. Richard G.

    Unchained urine stain remover is the Best product on the market.

  2. Marco S.

    Best product ever,works great on pet urine ,I highly recommend it

  3. Jim

    Fast working removes the stain and odor as promised. In the 25 years of business I have used just about every urine stain and odor removal product with different degrees of success. Some you have let dwell for an hour or more. Some require multiple steps. Unchained is the real deal. 10 minutes dwell time, rinse and/or use sub surface tool and your done. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the results . Unchained Sweet Breeze is our favorite.

  4. Lance J.

    I am always skeptical buying new products but this one delivered right away. My customer was very pleased with the results and so was I. Took stains and odor out right away! I will be definetly buying more products from UCS.

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