Pure O2 Powder with Citrus


Pure O2 Power w/ Citrus supercharges deep carpet cleaning with the power of oxygen. This formula is highly concentrated for residential or commercial use in heavy traffic areas and works AMAZING on Berber and Olefin carpets. Boosts for urine and other organic stains. Works great as a brightening agent.

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Directions For best results: create a solution with hot water (not to exceed 145 degrees) and use within 2 hours. The solution may also be combined with other cleaning chemicals to boost cleaning power and to treat dark stains caused by coffee, tea, ground-in dirt, or dark juices.

TruckMounts: 1 scoop per 5 gallons (booster)

Fringe Cleaner: Add 1/2 ounce per quart of water, 15 min dwell time and rinse

Urine Prespray: 2-3 scoops per gallon (Extract with wand, rotary or preferably subsurface extraction tool.)




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